About Home Invest

"We believe that a good partnership is one where everyone wins together."


We started Home Invest to build and protect our own wealth. That goal remains the same today and we are proud to be the largest investors with the company. We believe that a good partnership is one where everyone wins together. When you partner with Home Invest, you won’t find any hidden fees, confusing structures, or complex deals.

Our returns are created through real value creation and not financial engineering. We invest in our funds because we believe it’s the best place for our own capital. We compensate our team based on performance to ensure alignment and we don’t engage in businesses that create a conflict of interest between us and our investors.

This philosophy has guided our decision-making since we founded the company in 2014 and is why we were honored as the 352nd Fastest Growing Company in the USA by Inc 5000. We are privileged to partner with you and want to thank you for considering Home Invest for your investment needs.

Why We Feel It's Our Duty To Multiply Your Investment

We refer to The Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25). In this parable, a wealthy man entrusts his three stewards with varying amounts of money, or "talents," before leaving on a journey.

The first steward receives five talents ("money"), the second steward receives two talents, and the third steward receives one talent. The first two servants invest their money and double the amount given to them, while the third steward buries his talent in the ground out of fear of losing it.

Upon the wealthy man's return, he is pleased with the first two servants - they doubled his money. He rewards them with more responsibilities. He rebukes and punishes the third servant for his inaction.

We are your first steward. This parable highlights the importance of taking initiative and making the most of the resources and opportunities we are given.

In a business context, it suggests that we should take calculated risks and invest resources wisely to grow and succeed.

Additionally, the story emphasizes the importance of being accountable for the resources entrusted to us. In a business context, this means we take responsibility for financial decisions and outcomes, always pushing to improve our performance and results.

22.4% *

* Up to 22.4% IRR

2.0x *

* Up to 2.0x Equity Multiple


Purchased and Sold (Full Cycle)

1.7 Years

Average Cycle Time


Inc 500 Award Winner


Nate Armstrong

CEO & Co-Founder

Nate Armstrong co-founded Home Invest in 2014, an Inc 500 Award-winning fund manager with expertise in building, buying, and operating institutional-class real estate across the country. With Nate's leadership, Home Invest has executed more than $90 million in real estate transactions. Nate is the CEO and oversees acquisitions and asset management. Prior to Home Invest, Nate served as company Treasurer for Home Investment Partners, overseeing the purchases, renovations, and sales of more than 100 projects. Nate earned his undergraduate degree from St. John's University. He has more than 18 years of experience in real estate investing, finance, and asset management.

Rodney Kelley

Chief Operating Officer

Rodney sold his first company at the age of 14. He started investing in real estate 27 years ago. Operational efficiency is rooted in his "There is ALWAYS a better way." mantra that has helped to turn countless liabilities into assets. From the SFH to the '9-figure' corporate projects, Rodney is privileged to know that he has helped countless families with a drive knowing he is fortunate to ‘pay forward’ the helping hand he received many years ago, when his Mom was forced out of her home. That is WHY he has a passion for utilizing Real Estate for the tool & benefits that it can provide at all levels of investments. By operating the entrusted assets efficiently, the investment partners are then provided a opportunities to again ‘pay forward’ for HIS greater good, the 'talents' he has entrusted us with.

Kate Whetstone

Chief Financial Officer

Kate is the current CFO of Home Invest. She has been purchasing and selling properties since 2016. Overseeing more than 500 deals has given her the foresight to know a good deal from a bad deal. Kate focuses a lot of her time on reviewing Off Market Deals, direct to seller, giving Home Invest an advantage in the market. Kate has also helped structure debt at below market rate interest rates. Knowing the levers that make a deal cash flow has led to some incredible deals scored by Kate for Home Invest.

Steve Werner

Chief Investment Officer

Steve’s love of real estate investing started in 2002 when he read Rich Dad Poor Dad on a flight home from studying abroad. He started investing while still in college and became a full-time investor in 2004. Steve is the CIO of Home Invest and oversees deal underwriting and investor relations. Steve has more than 21 years of experience in real estate investing, finance, and asset management, and has spoken on stages around the world on business strategy and investing. Currently, Steve lives in Austin, TX and oversees investments across the Midwest for Home Invest.

Sue Hagemann

Investor Relations

After actively pursuing real estate investments, Susan sought a more passive approach to growing her wealth. Susan met Nate and started investing in his early projects. Over the last decade, Susan personally invested over $1,000,000 in real estate projects. Much of this was done through retirement accounts so she has become an expert in 401K, IRA, and self-directed IRA rollovers. Susan takes a conservative approach to investing. Investors looking for conservative returns can take comfort in working with her.

Mike Fritz

Advisor to Home Invest

Mike is a national leadership speaker and the author of 5 best-selling books. Mike started investing in real estate 21 years ago when he built his first multi-family property. Since then Mike and his wife, LeAnn, have amassed millions of dollars in personal real estate. Mike has an unmatched passion for real estate because it provides him and LeAnn with the amazing opportunity to create generational wealth, a great opportunity for their investors, and give families more time together. Mike believes passive income through multi-family real estate investing provides the most powerful thing in the world – time and freedom. Mike serves as an Advisor to Home Invest and Fund Manager on several projects.