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About Us

"Clicking your mouse to buy a house is not good enough.  Investors need options on properties, contractors, property managers and more all with the click of their mouse.” ~ Founder of Home Invest. 

Home Invest has raised the bar to become the first online platform where you can choose your investment property, choose a certified contractor, and choose a certified property manager to give you an enjoyable experience in building your passive income portfolio.

With Home Invest, you own your property, while our platform helps you coordinate all aspects of real estate investing from your laptop.  From coordinating inspectors, title searches, insurance quotes, turning on power/water/gas, to providing solutions for yard care and much more, the Home Invest platform is the most comprehensive on the market allowing you to build equity, increase your monthly passive income, and have fun while choosing your real estate investment options.

After building a Century 21 Franchise into a successful Master Franchise in Europe, our CEO and Co-Founder started investing in passive income properties, also known as rental homes, in the United States and realized how inefficient and broken the old process was for most investors. 

He further asked the question, "Who wants a second job babysitting properties?" He knew most people did not want to invest all of their hard-earned dollars only to end up having to find and coordinate contractors and other service providers creating a second job working on their own investment property.  He set out on a mission to make investing from any part of the world enjoyable.

While on that mission, he discovered our other Co-Founder who had a decade of experience delivering investment properties to investors starting with his former boss all the way up to hedge funds.  At that point he had already completed over 900 single family homes in his tenure. 

Together they recruited the best team in the business to start building Home Invest.  After listening to clients daily for our inspiration, we are proud to have organically grown Home Invest. Thanks to investors like you, we are among the highest reviewed "turn key" real estate providers in this space.

We don't believe real estate investing should be a second job. We believe the Home Invest way is a smarter way, which is why we coined the term "Smart Real Estate Investing." 

Smart starts with the right team, the right platform, and you.