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Home Invest Featured on Shop.Dine.Live.

Nate Armstrong, successful real estate investor and Co-Founder of Home Invest, was recently featured in an article in Shop.Dine.Live.

In the article, the Editor at Shop.Dine.Live, David Scheller interviewed Nate about his real estate experience. Nate explained that about a decade ago, he worked for Target Corporation where he landed his first real estate client...his boss!

Nate tells about the pitfalls he had in a bad real estate deal with his boss. He explains how he learned from that mistake and used those struggle to develop the successful turnkey real estate investment strategies that allow his clients to buy and sell hundreds of houses every year, plus provide them with passive rental income.

Because Nate was committed to doing right by his former boss, to this day, his former boss remains a committed client of Home Invest. Nate's integrity led to many client referrals which allowed him to perfected his method of bringing together his experience with clients who wanted to invest in real estate and helped them produce substantial returns on their investments.

“Real estate investing is a bit like swimming in the ocean,” said Nate. “It can be beautiful if you avoid the sharks. Swim with dolphins and stay close to the shoreline. If you’re going to get into real estate, my best advice for you is to learn as much as you can from people who are doing it well — professionals, not hobbyists; dolphins, not sharks. Find out how pros find houses for below market prices. See how they get their contractors to show up on time. Learn out how to pick good tenants.”

“My investors don’t want to do any of that, though,” Nate continued. “They want to come home from their day jobs and not think about their rental houses at all, so they have Home Invest do it for them. Sure, I’ll show them around the neighborhoods they’re investing in, tell them whatever they’d like to know over a steak. But it’s not having to know anything about real estate that makes my clients love Home Invest. We do things so effectively, a novice pays less to have an expert handle their business than they could ever achieve on their own — without the risk of running into sharks.”

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