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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Home Invest focuses on the Milwaukee, Wisconsin housing market as a great location for real estate investors to make their returns. You may have questions about why we chose Milwaukee for real estate investing:

Is Milwaukee a good area for real estate investing?

While Milwaukee does have some poorer areas, just like any other major city, it does have many strong neighborhoods. Milwaukee is one of the more balanced housing markets in the U.S. It was recently ranked as the third-healthiest housing market in the U.S.

What makes Milwaukee so unique is its low property prices and decent income levels that make housing so affordable. Milwaukee scored 179 on the housing affordability index while San Francisco scored a 34 (for reference, 100 is an average score). The higher the score, the more affordable the housing market. Tenants in Milwaukee tend to have good jobs and low cost of living.

Home Invest wants you as an investor to have confidence in the housing market. We intentionally look for the right properties in healthy housing markets to maximize your investment opportunities. Part of our process is presenting good properties to fit your investing goals. Learn more about how to invest with Home Invest.

Are real estate investors getting good returns in Milwaukee?

We love crunching numbers and keeping our investors informed of their returns. This is why Milwaukee is one of our favorite cities for real estate investing, along with Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City. Milwaukee home values increased 8.9 percent over the past year and are expected to grow by another four to five percent this year

What are property taxes like in Milwaukee?

Home Invest can help you calculate any taxes for your real estate investment in Milwaukee. We start by investigating whether any state or city fines were assessed to the property under the seller’s responsibility. We require the seller to pay those fines in full before or at closing to ensure you are not responsible for someone else’s penalties.

We’ve created a video for you to review on how to navigate Milwaukee’s property taxes.

What if I don’t live in Milwaukee - should I still invest?

Absolutely! Our Home Invest structure gives you peace of mind with our turnkey real estate process. We offer you a complete hands-off approach and take care of the entire process from purchase to property management. You will never have to see your property in person unless you want to make a trip to Milwaukee. Learn more about our How to Invest process.

Is it hard to find good tenants in Milwaukee?

Our Home Invest team screens and places all tenants for you. We have a strong track record of selecting quality tenants that respect our investors’ properties. Milwaukee has a below-average vacancy rate meaning more people feel right at home and happy with your property. You can read more about Milwaukee’s vacancy rates.

How do I manage my rental property in Milwaukee?

Is one of the most common questions we hear from real estate investors in Milwaukee. We have an incredible Property Management team based in the Milwaukee area that manages all of our Home Invest properties. Our team has kept eviction rates below one percent, an amazing feat to say the least!

When you purchase a property through Home Invest, we handle all aspects of property management for you. Home Invest will screen tenants, handle maintenance calls, and so much more to keep everyone happy. 

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