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We make real estate investing easy with our full-service process

Home Invest uses our full-service real estate investment process to help investors purchase properties. Each step along the way is designed to give you peace of mind and maximize your investment money.

Step 1: Find the right properties for your investment.

Home Invest has an inventory of attractive properties available for purchase. A dedicated Home Invest Advisor can help you create an investment strategy. We then use that strategy to determine which properties may be the best fit for your investment goals.

Step 2: Secure funding for your real estate investment.

There are three distinct investment options we offer for real estate investors:

Turnkey Rental Investments.

Our Turnkey Rental Investments help investors purchase good-condition, previously rehabbed houses that already have long-term rental tenants. Investors can purchase the house as-is with the rental agreement intact. If you’re in need of financing, we can help you consider various finance opportunities.

Rehab-to-Rental Investments.

This is the property investing option we recommend for real estate investors looking to get in at the lowest price. Rehab-to-Rental Investments include purchasing houses in need of renovation, remodeling and restoring their interior, and managing their rental with long-term tenants. Home Invest’s Entry-Level Real Estate is a cash-only investment opportunity.

Funding for Rental Investments.

What if you’re an investor who doesn’t want to own properties? Our Lending investment solution allows you to lend a designated amount to real estate investors to help finance property purchases. Home Invest provides a set interest rate of five percent (5%). Accredited Investors can participate in these opportunities.

You may be able to leverage your 401k, IRA, and other retirement accounts to produce greater results. Using your retirement funds as a self-directed retirement plan can give you flexibility and significant tax advantages. Learn more about the various funding options available to real estate investors through Home Invest.

Step 3: Purchase your property.

You can avoid all the hassle of negotiation, inspections, objections, and endless paperwork to purchase your property. Home Invest does all the heavy lifting to get your property at a fair market value.

Step 4: Get your property ready for renting.

Our Home Invest team works with local field operators to secure reputable contractors for your property renovations. We help you make wise financial decisions to get your property where you want it to be for renting.

Step 5: Maintain your property investment.

Property management is a well-founded concern for many real estate investors. How do you know your property will be taken care of? Home Invest partners with local property management specialists to oversee your leasing details, rent conditions, and tenant management. We take care of renters so you can get your returns.

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