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Why We Feel It's Our Duty To Multiply Your Investment

The Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25), describes a wealthy man who entrusts his three stewards with varying amounts of money, or "talents," before leaving on a journey.

The first steward receives five talents (money), the second steward receives two talents, and the third steward receives one talent, all with the same instructions to invest it.

The first two servants invest their money and double the amount given to them, while the third steward buries his talent in the ground out of fear of losing it.

Upon the wealthy man's return, he is pleased with the first two servants - they doubled his money. He praises them and rewards them with more money to invest.

He rebukes and punishes the third servant for his inaction.

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Nate Armstrong

CEO & Co-Founder

Nate Armstrong co-founded Home Invest in 2014, an Inc 500 Award-winning fund manager with expertise in building, buying, and operating institutional-class real estate across the country. With Nate's leadership, Home Invest has executed more than $90 million in real estate transactions. Nate is the CEO and oversees acquisitions and asset management. Prior to Home Invest, Nate served as company Treasurer for Home Investment Partners, overseeing the purchases, renovations, and sales of more than 100 projects. Nate earned his undergraduate degree from St. John's University. He has more than 18 years of experience in real estate investing, finance, and asset management.

Steve Werner

Chief Investment Officer

Steve’s love of real estate investing started in 2002 when he read Rich Dad Poor Dad on a flight home from studying abroad. He started investing while still in college and became a full-time investor in 2004. Steve is the CIO of Home Invest and oversees deal underwriting and investor relations. Steve has more than 21 years of experience in real estate investing, finance, and asset management, and has spoken on stages around the world on business strategy and investing. Currently, Steve lives in Austin, TX and oversees investments across the Midwest for Home Invest.